General Pest Control

Our Process:

We start by doing a full inspection of the home and going over the problems our clients are experiencing to make sure we know exactly what we are dealing with. Then we proceed to scheduling an appointment based on our client’s needs. We typically begin with the interior of the home and then move onto the exterior. At Stride Pest Control we only use the very best products out on the market. If something better comes out then we would switch to the new product.

Interior Pest Control

Our technicians begin on the interior of the home by spraying near the baseboards of the entire home.

We focus on areas that are entry points of the home for pests. These areas can include under the sink, doors, windows, weep holes (common for Texas), etc. Pests usually enter the home at the same entry points that humans enter the home.

Exterior Pest Control

Typically there are three main ways that exterior pest control is handled – among these are a hand-held sprayer, backpack sprayer, and the highest option – a large 6-Foot power sprayer.

Unlike some other companies we use the large 6-foot power sprayer as well as the backpack sprayer with every home’s pest control treatment. Our power sprayer is attached to a 30-gallon tank which is mounted within our truck. The sprayer allows us to spray 2-3 feet up the foundation and 4-6 feet all the way around, so a much larger barrier is covered compared to with a hand-held or backpack sprayer.

After using the power sprayer we would then use a backpack sprayer in order to target smaller areas such as windows, entry points, doors, cracks, etc. We can also granulate the yard, dust the weep holes, knock down wasp nests, inspect and treat the fence line, and bait for rodents outside.

All of the services provided at an appointment typically depend on the type of pest problems the client is having and will be performed on a case by case basis.

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