Seasonal Pests


Fire ants

Fire ants are part of routine maintenance. We will treat each individual mound for the baits, then we put a granule in the yard to get rid of the pests. We also offer a special fire ant granule that prevents the ants from building any mounds in your yard for an entire year. 


Wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets

These types of pests can be difficult and tenacious pests to deal with but we do this for our clients. We typically knock down their nests with a special tool and we can do 1st and second story. The reason these types of pests come out during the hot months of the year is because the breeding and survival rates of the insects they breed on increases significantly during this time frame.  The spring and summer months are also when they choose to do their nesting so this is when you will start seeing the nests more. 



Fall is mating season for spiders so they are more prevalent during this time of the year. When it starts getting cooler as summer is ending spiders also need to find a place to stay warm, which can mean invading your home so than usual.



All types of rodents will be looking for a warm place to hide when it begins to get cooler outside and unfortunately that place is typically your home. A large amount of damage can be done to the insulation of your home, the walls, and the attic if you don’t take action quickly after seeing or hearing signs of potential rodents living in your home. Look out for unfamiliar noises and droppings that may appear.

Note: There are  several different pests that are more prone to appear during different seasons in Texas, but typically Texas has year-round pest issues. The geographic area your home or business is located in can also affect the types of pests you may experience. 

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